Indoor fireworks, stage fireworks  · PYROTEC knows how to set these up in the context of the show or event.
We can programme pyro shows in synchrony with music, to absolutely accurate timing using SMPTE time code.
The basic idea for your show will be realised with inspiration.

Outdoor fireworks · fireworks that appeal to the emotions. Your town fair, company celebration or spectacular
opening event will become a once-in-a-lifetime experience when our fireworks are combined with music.
There can be more than a thousand channels to enable individual fireworks to fire using state-of-the-art fuses.

Baroque fireworks · these are traditional fireworks of a quiet kind, usually ignited on the ground. Elegantly safe
and sparkling. Refreshingly different fireworks.


Any questions?
Talk to us.
We will design you fireworks that fulfil the idea you present us with.